About Us

About Us

Bright Kids Child Development Center is located in Austin, TX. It is a small, independent, family owned and operated licensed and certified 4 stars Texas Rising Star center focused on shaping minds through engaging lesson plans, thoughtful activities, and playful learning experiences.

We foster a loving, nurturing and enthusiastic environment that fosters self-confidence, trust, creativity, autonomy and acceptance of individual differences.

Each classroom in our preschool provides a child-centered environment with a wide range of materials and appropriate activities which allow your child to create, manipulate, explore, and discover according to their particular and unique interests.

In our preschool, individuality is acknowledged and respected as each child explores a child-centered environment at his or her own pace.

We plan for all areas of a child's development and education: cognitive, emotional, social, creative, and physical to give him/her the tools to become confident and self-aware in a caring and stimulating atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

Bright Kids Child Development Center believes that all children learn in different ways and through active exploration of their environment.

Our mission is to help young children to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually by providing a safe and learning environment which fosters your child’s natural desire to explore, discover, create and become a lifelong learner.

Our goal is to offer your child a unique strong foundation of academic and social skills that will prepare them for success in school and in life.

Our focus is to provide a small and caring environment to our families and children in our care where our staff can establish positive personal interaction, nurturing each child's growth and education. Parents can expect more personalized feedback from teachers on the performance and behavior of their children. This allow parents to be directly involved with their children’s education.

We remain committed to provide your family with the best educational experience at our preschool.