Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At Bright Kids Child Development Center, our curriculum plays an important role in children’s learning and it is developed in the way it can set the foundation for the transition to kindergarten and later schooling.

For this reason, our curriculum and resources are designed to tap into a child’s nature and create a joyful experience from the first moments of the day until it is time to go home again.

Our preschool implements the FrogStreet Curriculum in all classrooms. Frog Street is a comprehensive, dual-language program designed to meet the needs of diverse learners, while supporting 10 learning domains. This engaging, interactive program celebrates the joy of learning while children travel down the road to success.

Our teachers choose and prepare daily theme-based and age-appropriate learning activities that includes hands-on projects, music, language development, science experiments and dramatic play to make learning interdisciplinary by using also a STEAM approach.

In our approach, children are provided with activities that require thinking, revising, developing, and expressing. We believe this helps produce confident children who are risk-takers, innovators, and confident enough to think for themselves.

Our curriculum is engaging for both teachers and children and is easy to implement to make sure each student learns and understands the lessons because our goal is to provide a program that expands and reinforces the child’s knowledge of age appropriate language and reading, numeracy, math, science, music, art, and Spanish.