Toddlers Program

At this age, children develop a greater independence, but still have a strong need for one on one affection and attention.

Our early childhood development professionals will encourage and inspire your toddler to explore and discover new things with a guiding hand to foster a greater sense confidence and start preparing them for preschool.

We have two toddler classrooms, one is for children 19 months to 24 months and the other one for children 25 months to 36 months. Both toddler programs encourage your child’s natural curiosity in a fun and active learning environment that caters to milestones they meet during these critical stages.

A big milestone during this time is potty training. Since we follow a structured and consistent daily schedule, potty breaks are taken regularly to help ensure there are less accidents (and more victories!) during learning and play-times. We work closely with parents to help their child reach this important goal.
All of our toddler rooms are equipped with age appropriate toys and activities so each child is fully engaged and enjoying each day.

At this age, We introduce them to scientific learning in all aspects of the toddler’s day by applying teacher-led experiments and activites that emphasize their favoprite questions: “Why, What, and How?”. We also incorporate traditional learning techniques such art, writing, play, and literature to provide toddlers with an opportunity to freely explore their curiosity and creativity.

Our toddlers also build early engineering and math skills by constructing and designing different items throuth play, counting, pattern recognition and more.

We encourage hands-on exploration and kind social interaction throughout the day to promote the development of language and social skills.